Who we are

With more than 65 years linked to the sea activity, Alimar is today the parent company of a large group of companies with a long trajectory. Our history and activity has always been focused on our collaborators, our communities and the environment. This has allowed us to consolidate our position as one of the leaders in the fishing industry in our country and, our products, to be recognized for their high quality and certified traceability in Chile and abroad. These characteristics have allowed us to reach the most demanding markets in the world with our portfolio of products.


What We Do

At Alimar we carry out pelagic fishing, mainly of jack mackerel, sardine and anchovy, either with our own boats or in cooperation with artisanal fishermen, who provide 50% of what we process. Then, in our plant located in Lota, Bío-Bío Region, we sustainably produce highly nutritious food, according to the highest sanitary requirements.

Our subsidiaries, in turn, are engaged in various industries:

  • Pelagic fish meal and oil production
  • Salmon farming and marketing
  • Reduction of by-products from the salmon industry for the production of meals, oils and fertilizers.
  • Construction and transformation of naval artifacts
  • Live salmon shipping and special services